Guided Meditations
18:00 - 20:00
torstai 11.04.2019 - perjantai 07.06.2019

Every Friday 11.4.-7.6.2019 at 6-8 pm.

We are starting a series of guided meditation sessions, forming a course. The idea is to address the needs of the group, be it learning to actively relax, address anxiety or anger, manage reflexive behaviour, or like. The coach will first understand the people in the group, their needs and desires, and then device the course around it. The course would commence every Friday for 2 months.

The course will be led by Anupam, who has been actively practicing and learning meditation since he was 7 years old. Past few years he has been giving guided meditation sessions to friends and fellows. Now he feel that it’ll be good to bring people together and share a few meditation methods and learn along the group.

All our events are free of charge but a prior reservation is a must through Text or message to the Facebook page, details below:

Contact no: (whatsapp) 0405654582 / 0405656096