An oasis of peace in Helsinki

Do you sometimes get a feeling that the place you are at is giving you the energy you need so much or just that sudden wave of positivity? For me, Lapinlahden Lähde works just like that. It is a unique place which cherishes positive and calm mind, reminds you to slow down and has no place for silly judgement. What is more, it gives many opportunities to people to participate and help to sculpt this not-yet-finished masterpiece.

Let me tell you more about me and why I chose to spend some of my time here as a volunteer. I live in the Czech Republic, in the capital – Prague. A small country in the heart of Europe, full of breathtaking history and culture that you can absorb. However, it is not just me helping here. I am part of the international volunteer work camp and we truly are as diverse as it can get! You could bump into people from Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, and Greece along with our lovely local leader, Ida. I am happy to have chosen this project and to finally see a piece of Finland – country full of beautiful nature and, oh well, saunas. It is also amazing to see what you can learn and take up from different culture. For you, I would mention something I love about the Czech people – the sense of humor. We are often transforming negative subjects into a good laughing material and that makes a big difference!

That is something special and I believe we could all do that sometimes. We are caught up in our everyday routine, our mind is wandering around the negative things that surround us. Nevertheless, places like this contribute to change in many lives and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see that.

Therefore, I and other people decided to grab it and not let go. The name of our project is “Facelift” and that says a lot about our time here – cleaning, painting and moving furniture… but not only that! We also had the chance to participate in something quite special – contributing to an art masterpiece for the 100 year anniversary of Finnish independence. Such an interesting experience where everybody could have expressed who they are.

Lapinlahden Lähde is full of kind, hard-working people who have set their mind to something positive and it shines through very clearly. Just when you walk around the area where it’s situated, go along the bay, breathe in and soak up the beauty. Then you can come for a little treat to the café inside and afterwards see an exhibition in their gallery. Or just sit in the yard. Relax.

Peaceful mind for everybody!

Pavla Vinterová