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Meet Lapinlahti Dogs: Irmeli

Kuvassa on pieni, valkoinen koira tuolilla.

In the Meet Lapinlahti Dogs series we get to meet the tail-waggers who are enjoying their time in Lapinlahti. Dogs are welcome in Lapinlahti!

Irmeli is a well-being officer in Kuje. A few years ago she moved to her favourite place in Töölö. She is an 11-year-old rehoming dog who longed for city life and city air instead of country life.

Of course, Irmeli was also happy in her previous home, which had a backyard the size of a football field and lots of other dogs. But she was a city girl at heart. She longed for the city, for people, and seemed bored by the constant company of dogs.

Irmeli’s dream came true four years ago when she moved to Töölö. Miia, Irmeli’s current owner, had been dreaming of a dog for a long time, and just over four years ago the time finally came. The aim was to find a small dog that was sociable and would enjoy going to events. It was also important for Miia to get a dog that was ethical, either a rescue dog or a rehoming dog, so Irmeli was the perfect choice.

Although small rescue dogs were in short supply and it seemed impossible to find a suitable one, Irmeli was eventually found with the help of dog lovers Miia knew on Facebook. Irmeli initially moved in with Miia for a few months as a trial, but eventually stayed for good. Finding Irmeli was also a stroke of luck in the sense that while Miia made Irmeli a new member of her family, she also made friends with Irmeli’s former owner.

At Töölö, Irmeli is in her element, happily greeting everyone she meets. She loves people and treats them like old friends.

– One day a woman from the city got a bit nervous and asked, “How does this dog know me?” Irmeli didn’t know the woman, she just meets everyone in such a familiar way, says Miia.

Well-being officer at Lapinlahden Lähde

Lapinlahden Lähde is an important place for Irmeli because she meets people there every day and makes new friends. Irmeli loves being surrounded by people and treats everyone like old friends. She is so happy that she even got a strain injury from wagging her tail too much – now she goes for a monthly treatment to keep her tail wagging muscles in shape.

Irmeli works at Kuje as well-being officer, making sure that no one is overburdened at work. She also makes sure that the working environment remains supportive and that everyone is happy. With her small, cheerful personality, she does an excellent job.

Text and photo: Veera Kontula

Read also about Irmeli’s human Miia Lusa. (This text is only available in Finnish.)