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Let’s Tango – Argentiinalainen tango – joka keskiviikko

27.11.2019 – 18.12.2019

18:30 – 20:00

Dear people,
Come and enjoy a warm evening among friendly people and lets learn some tango!

In Argentinian tango dancing, a couple joins together in an embrace to move together interpreting the music. Inside the couple there are two distinctive roles, a leader and a follower. In this class anyone can try any of these two roles and you may also stick to only one of them.

Nadia Tapia is originally from Chile and began teaching Argentinian tango together with her partner Daniel in Helsinki, in 2014. Since then they have developed a teaching method that takes into consideration the cultural differences between Latin America and Finland. They aim at making us all feel confident and comfortable in the tango embrace. Their teaching style characterizes for trying to make of the lesson a fun experience while emphasizing the connection in the couple, musicality and the social aspects of the dance. They encourage participants to participate with questions and commentaries about what is being taught.

In each lesson at Miitti, Nadia will seek to create a creative and fun environment that allows participants to feel comfortable. Each lesson will be suitable for full beginners (no previous experience needed) as well as for basic and improver level dancers (with some experience in Argentinian tango). There is no need to come with a partner.

All our events are free of charge but a prior reservation is a must through Text or message to the Facebook page, details below:

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