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Escape to happiness -Test group /TÄYNNÄ

Escape to happiness -Test group /TÄYNNÄ


We aim to create a captivating, immersive escape game that awakens insights about well-being, mindfulness and self-exploration. For this, we need your HELP!

Available dates:

  1. 14.2. at 15:00
  2. 21.2. at 15:00
  3. 28.2. at 15:00 /TÄYNNÄ

Come and give us feedback and help us to improve the game into its final version. You will play the game and take part of a debriefing process. Afterwards we would like to hear your feedback on your experience (on how to improve the game). Reserve atleast two hours.

Bring your friends and join to this fun learning activity!

At the moment the game is in English, but the facilitators speak also Finnish and Swedish.

Suomenkielinen peliversio tulossa myöhemmin!

The game is free of charge. YOU are most welcome!

More information: Project manager Taina Laaksoharju tel. +358401728181

The Valo tila is not accessible with wheelchair, unfortunately.

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