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Friends Without Borders

Friends Without Borders

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Welcome back to our popular Friends Without Borders!

IMPORTANT: Spots are limited, so don’t forget to reserve yours through meetup:

Come along to dance, eat and chat with many others like you!

Whether you have just come to Finland, have been here for a while, for years or always, we welcome you to join and meet new people.

As always at these events, we ask you to leave your prejudices and taboos behind to meet people without filter, to treat others with care and empathy, and listen and get listened to.

Bring some snacks and drinks with you, as we always plan on staying long!

Tallipääty, main building – check this video about finding Tallipääty from Ruoholahti Metro Station
(How to find us: Enter through the gate to the inner courtyard of the yellow building and turn left. Look for MIITTI logos on the windows.)

If you want to be part of the MIITTI community, follow us on our other platforms:
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