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Kundaliini Yoga

Kundaliini Yoga

Miitti Kundalini Yoga


Warm welcome to Miitti’s Kundalini yoga!
Participating is free of charge, but please note that spaces are limited. Maximum 15 people can fit in the space, so please RSVP to book, and kindly cancel your attendance if you can’t make it.

Lapinlahden Lähde
Lapinlahdenpolku 8
00180 Helsinki
Wanha labra, 2nd floor (entrance through Kahvila Lähde, then turn left and go to the second floor)

Tuesdays at 18.00-19.30
starting on 1.11
Kindly arrive 10min before starting, because door to the building will be locked after the class starts!

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that works the mind, body and spirit. It is a combination of movement, breath, meditation, and chanting.

The goal of Kundalini yoga is not only to make the body stronger and more energetic, but also to increase your level of self-awareness and consciousness. Kundalini yoga is sometimes called ”the yoga of awareness”.

Among its benefits Kundalini yoga can
– build your strenght and flexibility
– stimulate brain function
– strenghten your nervous system
– boost your immune system
– ease depression.

The practice is for everyone.
Students of all ages and abilities can benefit.

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