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Mental Health First Aid 1® course

Mental Health First Aid 1® course

  • Milloin:
    kl. 17:30 - 20:00
  • Toistuu:
    2023-11-21 - 2023-12-19, tiistai joka viikko
  • Järjestäjä:
  • Hinta:
Mental Health First Aid course in english


Mental Health First Aid 1® course enrolment period extended!

We have extended our enrolment period for Mental Health First Aid course 1 one week. There is still time to join us and learn how to be mentally resilient during different life situations. Welcome to join us for free from next Tuesday 21st of November !

Book your place here: [email protected]
Boost your mental health and learn mental health skills throughout your life. Improve your mental health skills and share with a diverse group of people.

During the training we will go through the following themes:
What is mental health?
Emotional literacy
The many crises of life
Going through integration as psychological crisis
Social interaction
Life balance

Course is in English and the training includes a book as course material. Book is available in English, Finnish, Swedish and Arabic.

Tuesdays at 17.30-20
starting Tuesday 21st of November

‘Tallipääty’, MIITTI office, 1st floor in the main building (on the left-hand side in the courtyard; look for MIITTI signs on the windows)
Lapinlahden Lähde,
Lapinlahdenpolku 8
00180 Helsinki
Training and materials are developed by MIELI ry.
Course is facilitated by Jennifer Ramirez ja Johanna Cresswell-Smith.

More info:

More info:

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