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Venues available for rent

The venues of Lapinlahden Lähde are flooded with natural light and surrounded by nature.

The spaces are splendidly suitable for corporate training events, lectures, weddings, seminars, drama performances, and other kinds of events.

We are located in a convenient area, close to the city center and the location is easily accessible by bus, metro or car.

Our Café Lähde offers delicious catering options suitable for different kinds of events. Additionally, we can arrange in-house programs provided by our tenants, such as yoga, art therapy workshops, and guided tours in the Lapinlahti hospital and its surroundings.

The Auditorium and The Meeting Room Vilja are accessible for people with wheelchair.


The Pilar Hall

Beautiful, light and spacious

The Blue Room
Atmospheric space on the second floor of the maritime Venice building.

The event spaces for rent in Lapinlahti’s Lähti are flooded with natural light from the old park.

The facilities are suitable for organizing a private event, training day, public lecture or theater performance, for example. For events, you can order breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee.

Ramp access can be arranged to the auditorium and conference room on the first floor of the main building.

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We can help you organize side program for your event, such as yoga, massages, guided tours, etc. Guided tours take in a journey about history of the Lapinlahti hospital, former patients of the hospital and a tour around the park.

Non-profit actors get a 50% discount and Lapinlahti community members a 75% discount. The prices include the value-added tax.


Reservations and inquiries to
Please check the facilities’ detailed information before making a reservation on the facility-specific pages, thank you!

We are a societal enterprise

Book your event venue or Room with us and support open culture

Arvo lupaus

The Blue Room

The Blue Room is a calm and atmospheric space on the second floor of Venetsia building located by the sea.

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The Aleksis Kivi Ballroom

The Aleksis Kivi Ballroom on the first floor is a bright hospital corridor and a lounge with beautiful old windows. The space is suitable for staging performances and parties.

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The auditorium

Located on the site of an old horse stable, the windowed auditorium floods with natural light and is perfectly suited as a venue for lectures, trainings and various performances. Music, films and theater are shown in the space, and there are seats for about a hundred guests. This venue is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

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The Pillar Hall

The Pillar Hall is a beautiful, white space on the third floor. Its name comes from the pillar in the middle of the room. The space is well suited for organizing small events and courses.

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Department5 is Lapinlahti Hospital ward five’s old dining room on the first floor. Have a remote meeting and enjoy lunch made by our Cafe. This venue is accessible for people with reduced mobility

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The Apple wooden house

Omenapuutalo is our common house, where you can organize many activities, such as art exhibitions and music rehearsals — even at the same time.

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Wanha labra, 50 m²

The old lab is located in the main building of Lapinlahti, right above Kahvila Lähti on the second floor. The windows face the courtyard and the park. The room has space for 30 to 35 people.

A coffee machine, a kettle, cups and smart folding tables and chairs are available in the space.

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Open Space, 26 m² + 15 m²

The open space is located in the Venetsia house, on the lowest floor, the first door on the right from the main door. Seascapes and the footpath can be seen from the windows.

The facilities can accommodate a total of 35–40 people. Behind the room is a small kitchen where you can make coffee and tea.

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The garden yard

The garden yard is a beautiful, maintained and fenced garden area behind the main building.

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In the evenings, the oldest still functioning sauna in Helsinki, which is open to the public, can also be reserved for your own use.

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Additional services

Those who rent event spaces can also order various additional and program services from us along with their event spaces. Below you will find a list of the most common additional services with their prices. You can also contact us directly at, and together we can build an event, program and service package that suits you!

All prices include VAT.

Table cloths20 €/piece
Cleaning serviceAleksis Kivi’ s space and Garden Yard €200, all other spaces €125
CaretakerStarting price 50 € + 30 €/h
Technology (smart TV and audio) and instructions for use100 €/session
CateringAsk for a quota
Program servicesAsk for a quota

Working rooms

Lapinlahten Lähde Oy rents offices in the main building of Lapinlahti’s former hospital area, the Venice house and the old therapy house. Lapinlahti Lähti’s tenants include, for example, social associations, artisans, artists and mind and body therapists.



Our tenants are part of our versatile community, its events and services. The cultural-historic milieu with its old parks and swimming beaches also offers opportunities for recreation in addition to work. The house’s lunch location is Kahvila Lähde (lunch soups Mon–Fri 11am–3pm). Lapinlahti Lähde is located right near the center of Helsinki and six minutes walk from Ruoholahti metro station.

The rooms in the historic hospital building are of very different sizes, mostly the rented rooms are 10–20 square meters. In addition to the inspiring milieu and membership of the warm-hearted Lapinlahti community, the tenant’s benefits include, among other things, the opportunity to use the versatile event spaces rented by Lapinlahti Lähde Oy at an affordable rental price.

Price per square meter

30,11 €/m² (includes ALV)

Pidätämme oikeuden kaikkiin muutoksiin.

More information:

Remote work pass

In addition to workspaces intended for longer-term use, remote work stations for shorter-term use are available in Lapinlahti.

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