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Pro Lapinlahti mielenterveysseura ry


MIITTI organises groups, workshops, courses, and events to support mental health and well-being. Our community loves music, dance, food, conversations, languages, stories, art, movement, culture, and different opinions. We work for equality, diversity, and human commonness, and believe that connection is a key for overcoming prejudice.

MIITTI’s activities are open to everyone. If you’ve moved to Finland from elsewhere and are looking for friends, community, and things to do,
this could be just the right place for you. We believe that happiness should be free of charge and that’s why our events are free of charge.

The best way to stay up to date is to follow us on social media. You’re welcome to join at any time of the year, but please note that some groups require registration due to limited spaces.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to share your ideas. You can also come and greet us at our office in Lapinlahden Lähde, the Tallipääty room. When you reach the inner courtyard of the yellow main building, look for MIITTI stickers attached to our windows. We’re usually at our office from Monday to Wednesday at 10am-4pm

MIITTI is a part Pro Lapinlahti mielenterveysseura ry

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We are a project by the people, from the people and for the people.

We deal with the overall aspects of inclusion and integration – inclusion for us means creating an environment where individuals and groups feel comfortable with both locals and non-locals. We arrange a variety of events and workshops for people from all backgrounds in the Helsinki Metropolitan area, to reduce loneliness and promote new social connections while increasing the well-being and reducing cross-cultural prejudices and stigmas.

We also provide possibilities for on-the-job learning and practical training for students from different educational institutions.

Our values

  • We work without labels, boxes or categories. We strive to inspire through our human commonness, spectrum of talents, softness, warmth, love and happiness.
  • We love music, dance, food, discussions, languages, art, interactions, sports, cultures, different opinions, smiles, hopes, dreams, humans, Lapinlahti and Finland.
  • We work to communicate and connect with each other in an easy and convenient way through any possible channel.

Free events

  • We believe that happiness should be free of charge, and that’s why our events are free of charge.
  • In our events we smile, laugh, feel good, learn, meet new people and make new friends. We work towards equality, diversity and human commonness.
  • We believe that human interaction is the key to breaking prejudices.

You can find our events on our Facebook page and events page.

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We use meetup for event signups.


Alaa Altamimi

Alaa Altamimi

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Amjad Sher


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Upcoming events

MIITTI’s infodesk

Lapinlahden Lähde alueet
Our Tallipääty office if open on Mondays and Wednesday at 10-16, and upon appointment.
Entry trough the main yard, next to house infodesk.
Come and say hello and get to know more about our activities at out info desk where you will find MIITTI project staff. They will provide you with information about the project’s services and upcoming events, among other things.