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Lapinlahden Lähde

The centre for culture and well-being in Helsinki. Open every day!

Lapinlahden Lähde

The centre for culture and well-being in Helsinki. Open every day!

Upcoming events

Lapinlahden Lähde hosts various events, lectures, seminars and discussions. We have about 300 events a year with 70 000 visitors. Please visit our event calendar and Facebook page for more information on current events.

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    Event venues

    The event venues of Lapinlahden Lähde

    There are many beautiful event venues in the historical Lapinlahti hospital building. The venues are all flooded with natural light through their large windows. The venues are usually rented for bigger parties and weddings, but you can also organise other kinds of events, such as lectures, in them. The auditorium, for example, has seats for 90 people.

    Catering can be ordered for events, as well as guided tours around the Lapinlahti park and old historical hospital buildings. The guided tours focus on the history of the hospital, the hospital park, psychiatry and some of the famous past patients of the Lapinlahti Hospital.

    Café Lähde

    Café Lähde (Kahvila Lähde),
    the beating heart of the house.

    The café offers fresh baked treats and buns, soups and work for people who have had difficulties in life.

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    Soup of the day




    Sauna reservations





    Lapinlahti Lähde is a great learning environment where you can learn and try new skills and hobbies in peace and quiet.

    Services & Activities

    The services and activities of Lapinlahden Lähde and its community

    The main building and Venetsia-talo are home to around 100 advocates for culture, art and mental health.


    Lapinlahti products

    By buying one of our products you directly help with funding the centre and spread awareness about it. Lapinlahti is for EVERYONE!!