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The Apple wooden house

Omenapuutalo is our shared house, where you can organize a variety of activities, including art exhibitions and music rehearsals — even at the same time.

We make your events possible. Contact us if you would like to book a house for your event.

The apple wooden house was rebuilt after a fire in 1905. Between 1930 and 2005, hospital staff lived in the house — sometimes up to three families at the same time.

Today, Omenapuutalo is part of Lapinlahti Center for art, culture and Mental well-being.


Apple wooden house pricing:

– First 4h €125/h (incl. VAT).

– Extra hours €75/h (incl. VAT).

– For non-profit organisations, a 50% discount

– For members of the Lapinlahti community, the use of the house would be free of charge if there are no competing reservations.

If a member of the Lapinlahti community wishes to keep their reservations a priority from a potential competing reservation, the reservation can be made at a community price of -50% etc. normal prices.

– Any longer-term/more permanent rental is always negotiated separately.

Reservations and additional information

Reservation status

More information and reservations

For reservations and additional information please contact us to [email protected].