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AWAKE: Arts & Wellbeing As a Creative Business and Future Livelihood

AWAKE: Arts & Wellbeing As a Creative Business and Future Livelihood” project aims to explore the intersection of arts and wellbeing from the perspective of creative business and future livelihood. By spotlighting emerging collaborative practices between arts and wellbeing.
In short, the purpose of the AWAKE project is to research, identify and analyze,:
1) access and barrier points in the health & wellbeing sectors for artists and creative professionals
2) case examples where artists and creative professionals have been able to create business and livelihoods for themselves, especially connected to the health & wellbeing sectors.

Based on this study, the project consortium will produce, organize and disseminate
A) one Casebook,
B) three online Masterclasses,
C) one online Bootcamp,
D) one hybrid Round-table Discussion
E) one Final Closing Event.

HYBRID ROUNDTABLE EVENT 11.4.2024 10:00 eet

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you and your networks for the upcoming AWAKE International Roundtable event, which will take place on April 11th at the Lapinlahti Auditorio, starting from 10:00 EET. The event is divided in two sessions The International Roundtable which will streamed in the Auditorio and the Post Event discussions. Coffee and snacks will be offered to the participants in between sessions.

This event aims to bring together professionals and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds in the Arts and Wellbeing sector to discuss and share insights on practical experiences, sustainability, and access points within the realm of Arts & Wellbeing practices.

Event Details:
• Date: April 11th
• Time: 10:00 to 12:30 EET
• Venue: Lapinlahti Auditorio

Focus Areas:
1. Practical experiences of arts & wellbeing services and products
2. Skills and support needed to make Arts & Wellbeing practices sustainable
3. Access points of arts and culture practitioners into the health sector: Expectations and reality
Speakers: We are privileged to have esteemed speakers from various corners of the world, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences to the table:
• Kornelia Kiss – Head of Research and Development at Culture Action Europe.
• Angelica Postu – Lead advocate of music therapy in Romania.
• Tine Van Goethen – Head of the Audience Engagement Department at the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels (Bozar).
• Isto Turpeinen – Senior Specialist at Art, Health and Wellbeing Advisory Service in Art Promotion Centre Finland.
• Julie Läderach – Co-director of Collectif Tutti in Bordeaux, France.
• Sylvain Méret – Dance performer, choreographer, and Master Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist.
• Moderator: Inga Surgunte – Culture Programme Director at the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO.

Post-Event Discussions: Following the roundtable, from 11:30 to 12:30 EET, Lapinlahden Lähde will host discussions to delve deeper into local and regional perspectives. You can register for the international online discussion and learn more about the onsite events in Helsinki, Finland, and Bordeaux, France, via the links provided below.
Registration: To register for the event and access further details, please visit:

International Roundtable event: Roundtable discussion ‘Arts&Wellbeing: Livelihoods and entrepreneurial opportunities for artists and cultural workers’ – NDPC (

Post event discussion:
We kindly request you to pass this information along to your networks and colleagues who might be interested in participating.
Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to your presence at the AWAKE International Roundtable event.

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AWAKE Project goals are:

– Map access points of cultural workers in the health sector through survey and expert interviews and analyze results and conclude needs analyses.

– Perform a benchmarking of best practice examples of business practices in arts & wellbeing cooperation.

– The team members will examine at least ten best practice examples of existing art-and-wellbeing models on such criteria as quality, innovation and costs (criteria will be further developed by all project partners together) and 1) selecting five best practice examples to be further explored in the capacity building masterclasses and 2) presented in the casebook (with interview, in-depth insight).

– Create one roundtable for art and wellbeing practitioners, as well as invite representatives from the health sector to elaborate the conclusions of needs analyses.

– Create a high-quality, needs based content for capacity building events (three masterclasses, one bootcamp).

– Encourage knowledge sharing and discussion:
1) among project partner consortium organisations
2) among stakeholders of creative, health sectors, intermediaries and policy makers.

– The project partners together will develop a list of health sector innovators and experts that can contribute to the project, initiate a discussion with these experts about the access points of culture and creative sector professionals to the health sector and perform a small-scale survey to identify access and entry points of artists to work in health sector.

– The project partners together will analyse the results of interviews and surveys and conclude identifying common access and entry points for the artists to work in the health sector + and additional information related (barriers of cooperations) and more.

– The project partners will organize a public hybrid roundtable with health, wellbeing and creative and arts sector professionals with the topic of needs for capacity building and access of creative professionals to the health sector for the creative sector representatives, who are (or are willing to start) cooperation (in a business model) with the health/wellbeing sector.

– The team works together on the content development of a series of 3 masterclasses, that are based on the findings of the needs analysis, access point analysis, roundtable event and five good practice samples. Content is tailored to address (at least) three different topics that are important for the primary target group (artists creatives working in the sector or willing to take first steps).

The Masterclasses and their supportive materials will be later placed online, partly translated (English-French), and available for people Interested in developing their creative businesses.

Our goal is to create avenues for entrepreneurial ventures and business prospects within this dynamic field. The work on the implementation will span over two years until November, 2025. 


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Jennifer Ramirez

Viestintäasiantuntija Strateginen viestintä, markkinointi ja visuaalinen media.
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Ville Pellinen

Toimitusjohtaja, Lapinlahden Lähde Oy Varapuheenjohtaja, Lapinlahti-säätiö Lapinlahti-yhteisön ohjausryhmän puheenjohtaja

Meidän SoMe-kanavat

Project information point

Lapinlahden Lähde alueet


Info point open Monday-Friday klo 9–16.

Entrance through the front yard. 

AWAKE information point is located in the Lapinlahden Lähde office, which is in the main building (hospital building).
Info point open Monday-Friday klo 9–16.

Entrance through the front yard.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding the AWAKE project!